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The Story of ONYX Aesthetics and Wellness

ONYX Aesthetics and Wellness is a luxury health and wellness clinic. The focus at ONYX revolves around helping patients feel their best, while enhancing their natural beauty, The practice was founded by two nurse practitioners, who share a passion for aesthetics, full body wellness and age management.

Are you interested in joining the exciting world of aesthetics? Now introducing...

This 8 hour course will leave you feeling confident in beginners Botox and filler!

$2000 to be paid at the time of registration.

Financing offered through Cherry ($200 fee applies)
Tuition includes 8-hour course, models, products, and lunch.

Call today to register! 479-769-2280



Jamie Powers


 Jamie is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner, specializing in medical aesthetics. She has a true passion for helping patients feel more confident in their skin, creating happiness and allowing patients to feel like the best version of themselves! Jamie is married to her husband of 10 years, Jeff, and is a mother to two children, Jemma and Holden. She also has three weenie dogs, Max, Midas and J-Lo, a Labrador retriever, Vixen, and a beagle named Willy. She enjoys traveling with her family, being adventurous and spending time outdoors.

Julie Rowland



Julie is a Nurse Practitioner with 7 years of experience in family practice, bioidentical hormone replacement and aesthetics. She initially graduated with her Registered Nursing license in 2007 and subsequently worked in the intensive care unit during her time as an RN. She received her Masters of Science in Nursing from Simmons college in 2016 and has had post-graduate training in hormone optimization and aesthetics. She loves to help men and women look and feel their best through all stages of life by combining natural wellness practices and safe aesthetic techniques. Julie has been married for 15 years to her husband Brandon and together they have three children: Emery, Hanna, and Ellison. During her free time you will find her most often supporting her children at one of their many sporting activities, or enjoying the outdoors with friends and family. 


Leslie Staser



Leslie is our Office Manager here at Onyx! When She is not busy making sure our office is running smoothly, you can find her spending time at the lake or camping with her husband of 18 years, Donald, two children, Emma and Aurora, and dogs, Winston and Karlee. Leslie Says that her favorite thing about working at Onyx is being a part of raising our patient's self esteem and confidence. She loves to see our patients walk out of our office looking and feeling beautiful!

Whitney Young



Whitney is Onyx's LPN with 12 years in the medical field. She graduated from UACCM in 2011. She specializes in helping our patients meet their weight loss goals. In her free time, Whitney loves spending time with her 3 sons, Cooper, Lincoln, & Baker, and her husband, Cody. Whitney enjoys making our patients feel comfortable and is always available to answer any questions you may have about your weightloss journey. 


Kim Buckles



Kim is Onyx's receptionist. She is the friendly face that will greet you each time you enter our doors! She has 13 years of beauty experience and loves all things beauty and fashion! In her free time, you may just find her in the front row of Fashion week in New York! Kim enjoys traveling, making people laugh, loving on her dog, Hans, and spending time with her daughter and husband. 


JoLynn Lamphere



JoLynn is a University of Arkansas for Medical Science's graduate with her bachelor's degree in nursing. She has years of experience in Cardiology, family practice, and women's health and has also been a volunteer at the Crisis center for women.  In her free time, JoLynn enjoys food (cooking and eating), working in her flower beds, reading, and playing tennis. To keep them occupied, while patiently waiting for grandchildren, she and her husband are doting on their 3 dogs and 2 cats. 

Ashley Jones



One of the first, beautiful faces you will see when you enter the doors at Onyx, is Ashley's! Ashley has been in the beauty industry for over 7 years, with a license in cosmetology! She loves watching our patients walk out of the clinic looking and feeling beautiful and confident. In her free time, she can be found chasing her 3-year-old around on his dirt bike and supporting her two older children in cheer and football for the Greenwood Bulldogs!


Leslie Scott



Meet Leslie, or L3, as we like to call her! With over a decade in combined operating room and plastic surgery experience, Leslie's love for aesthetic nursing grew quickly in her career as a registered nurse. Her prior experience in plastic and cosmetic surgery has helped her to develop a strong knowledge in aesthetic nursing. She wants every patient to feel informed, understood and comfortable prior to their care. Her favorite part in patient care is helping to bring out each patient's inner confidence. Leslie is married with four sons, a grandson, and a crew of dogs that includes her bestie, Winston the pug.


Lesley Davis



Meet Lesley! Lesley is one of Onyx's Licensed Estheticians! She Attended the University of Arkansas, Fort Smith and graduated with a BA in biology. Always having a love for all things Science, she realized her true passion was skincare. She graduated from the Career Academy's esthetician program and is now able to share what she loves by making people feel confident in their own skin. She specializes in customized facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, waxing, and eyelash enhancements. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time outdoors with her 10 year old son, Jesiah, hiking, camping, kayaking, and cheering him on in his many sports activities

Sahvanna Gray



Sahvanna is a licensed Esthetician with three years of experience in esthetics. Beauty has always been one of her passions. Specializing in a variety of different types of facials, microdermabrasion, deluxe dermaplanes, lash extensions, lash lifts and tints, skin treatments, and body waxing, Sahvanna loves being able to make people feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and family, traveling, and going on hikes with her two dogs, Ollie and Babygirl.


Chara Dean



Chara is a Licensed Esthetician, specializing in acne and acne scarring. She is a graduate of the Academy of Salon and Spa and has taken courses through Face Reality's acne specialist program. Chara has a passion for helping to treat different forms of acne and acne scarring. Her favorite part about her job is seeing her clients gain their confidence back. Some of Chara's favorite things to do outside of work include spending time with family, spoiling all 10 of her nieces and nephews, shopping at TJ Maxx, and listening to music.

Current Services

Botox, Dysport and Jeauveau Brands offered


Neuromodulators have many uses. A few include the reduction of facial wrinkles, headaches, excessive sweating and jaw pain from grinding and clenching teeth. Talk to one of our Nurse Practitioners to see how one of our many neuromodulators can help you! 

Botox - $11/unit

Jeuveau - $10/unit

Dysport - $10.50/unit

Xeomin -  $10/unit 

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers help restore lost volume in the face and hands. We carry Juvéderm, Restylane and Revanesse brands.

Lips: $550/syringe

Cheeks: $650/syringe

Undereyes: $650/syringe

Chin and jawline: $650/syringe

Nasolabial folds: $650/syringe


Buy more and save!

Get $50 off your second syringe, $100 off your third syringe and $150 off your fourth syringe when completed during the same visit!


$650 per treatment


$800 per vial

Lip Flip


TruSculpt 3D

A non-surgical body sculpting treatment, truSculpt 3D is proven clinically to safely and effectively reduce a patient's fat by up to 24 percent. truSculpt 3D does this by targeting stubborn problem areas with a radio frequency delivery system that produces therapudic temperatures that shrink fat.

 One hour session (up to 4 areas): $800

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty

The nonsurgical rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure where dermal fillers are used to temporarily change the shape of your nose. This is a great alternative for people who don't want to undergo plastic surgery.



Eliminate spider veins with injectable Asclera!


Medical Weightloss Programs

Compounded Semaglutide: $299 per month.

Compounded Tirzepatide: Starting at $399 per month.

These monthly plans include your initial consult fee, a months worth of semaglutide injections, and your monthly follow up with a Nurse Practitioner.

Skin Pen Microneedling Treatment

Microneedling helps increase collagen production, decrease fine lines and pore size, and improves the overall skin texture. After the procedure, you can expect your skin to look slightly "sunburned" for approximately 24 hours and some possible flaking of the skin for up to a week. 

Adding PRP to your microneedling session helps boost collagen production even more while decreasing the redness from the procedure. It also helps decrease acne scars and hyperpigmentation. A series of 3 sessions is recommended for best results. 

Microneedling: $350/session or 3 sessions for $900

Microneedling with Platelet Rich Plasma OR Exosomes: $550 per session or 3 sessions for $1500

2 Microneedling sessions plus the Biojuve skincare line: $900 


Platelet Rich Plasma injections

Platelet Rich Plasma helps improve skin quality, including texture and tone. It also helps naturally improve collagen production through your own growth factors. This procedure can be completed in areas such as the under eyes, nasolabial folds, marionettes, and even the jawline and neck. Three to four sessions are recommended for optimal results. 

One area: $250

Two areas: $350

Three areas: $450

Under eyes: $500

Hair: $500 for first treatment

         $250 for each subsequent treatment


Used frequently to dissolve the "double chin" and other areas of stubborn fat. 



Sculptra is a dermal filler that is used to restore lost volume in the face. As we age, we naturally lose volume in the face which can lead to deep folds, hollow areas, and indentations. If you are looking to replace lost volume and rejuvenate your face, Sculptra may be the right choice.


$800 Per vial

The “V” shot

The V-Shot is designed to provide a quick and painless solution to several very common women's health issues. After treatment, many women experience increased ability to have orgasms, greater arousal from stimulation, a more elastic canal (usually after menopause), decreased or resolved overactive bladder and/or or urinary incontinence, increased lubrication and decreased pain during intercourse. This treatment is performed in the privacy of our women's health room by one of our trained Nurse Practitioners. 

Chemical Peels

VI Original: $250

     For tone and texture. Great for sensitive skin, rough texture, and early signs of aging.

VI Advanced: $350

     For Enhanced collagen stimulation. Great for aging skin, wrinkles, fine lines, and loss of elasticity.

VI Precision Plus: $350

    For skin discoloration, UV-induced pigmentation, sun damage, melasma, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

VI Purify: $300

     For active acne and oily skin. Great for breakout-prone skin, oily and congested skin, and teen acne.

VI Purify + Precision Plus: $350

    For acne and acne scarring. Great for excessive oil, acne with hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, and adult acne.

Series of 3 (recommended) 20% off. Must be purchased together.


PDO threads are great for collagen production and lifting of sagging skin.

Smoothing threads - $10 each


Diolaze is a laser treatment that uses a diode laser beam to direct high-energy light through the skin and toward melanin, located at the roots of hair follicles to permanently remove unwanted hair. 6-8 treatments are recommended for optimal results.


(Pricing below is for 4 treatments)


Chin: $150

Bikini: $300

Upper Lip $100

Back: $600

Sideburns: $150

Stomach: $300

Chest: $300

Underarms $300

Full Arm (both arms, hand to shoulder): $600

Full Face: $350

Legs: $800

Unlimited treatment areas (from head to toe, must be completed in one session) $1800


Lumecca is the most powerful intense pulsed light (IPL) to treat pigmented and vascular lesions. In just 1-3 sessions Lumecca improves the appearance of age spots, vascular lesions, rosacea, freckles, and sun damage.



     1 treatment $850

     3 treatments $2400

 Full Face:

     1 treatment $500

     3 treatments $1200


     1 treatment $500

     3 treatments $1300


     1 treatment $350

     3 treatments $900

 Face & Neck:

     1 treatment $800

     3 treatments $2000

 Face, Chest, & Neck:

     1 treatment $950

     3 treatments $2600

 Spot Treatment:

     1 treatment $250

     3 treatments $700


     1 treatment $350

     3 treatments $900


The Morpheus8 is a fractional skin treatment that stimulates collagen production of the underlying layers of the dermis. By targeting the deeper layers of the skin, tissues of the face and body can be remodeled to reveal a more radiant youthful appearance. 


    1 treatment $1000

    3 treatments $2500

 Face & Neck:

    1 treatment $1200

    3 treatments $3000


    1 treatment $1000

    3 treatments $2500

 Stretch Marks:

     1 treatment $700

     3 treatments $1700


    1 treatment $500

    3 treatments $1100

 Under eye:

    1 treatment $800

    3 treatments $1500


    1 treatment $800

    3 treatments $2100

Morpheus8 V

The Morpheus8 V is a fast and effective radiofrequency technology that remodels vaginal tissue and improves urinary incontinence. It also rejuvenates the vagina to improve sexual function, comfort, and enjoyment and to restore a youthful appearance to a woman's vaginal area.

   1 Treatment $1000

   3 Treatments $2500

This innovative treatment is ideal for women who notice some vaginal laxity, effects of aging on the labia and vulva, vulvovaginal atrophy, and urinary incontinence. It's also subtle for tightening the external labia minor and majora.

   1 Treatment $1000

   3 Treatments $2500


V-tone is a non-surgical procedure designed to strengthen the pelvic floor. This remarkable treatment can improve vaginal muscle laxity, stress and urge urinary incontinence, vaginal tone, and urinary urgency/frequency. 

   $250 per session

   $1500 for full 6 session treatment 

   1 Treatment $1000

   3 Treatments $2500

Evolve tone is an innovative non-invasive solution designed specifically to increase muscle strength. It is a non-surgical procedure which will enhance the shape and tone of your body by emitting electromagnetic energy to stimulate involuntary muscle contractions.

   1 Treatment $250 Per session

   $1500 For full 6 session treatment



*Please note that ONYX has a no-refund policy on pre-paid packages and services rendered * 

Forma V

V Tone

Evolve Tone

Morpheus8 Body

Hormone Replacement Therapy (BioTe Pellets)

Hormone Consult - $129

Lab Work - $150 (some insurances are excepted)

Lab Review - $99

Female Pellets - $350

Male Pellets - $550-$750

Become an Onyx VIP 

Get exclusive access to member savings!


Every month a payment will be credited into your account at ONYX. Every penny you put into your ONYX BANK account is yours to use on any product or service! If you'd like a service over your ONYX BANK credit, no worries, we will apply the credit and you pay the difference and you still get VIP pricing! This is a no-brainer for clients that are coming in regularly for their neuromodulators, fillers, hormone pellets, and other healthcare needs.



Discounted neurotoxin price: $9 per unit.



Discounted neurotoxin price: $9 per unit

$99 IV (not including Myers Cocktail)



Discounted neurotoxin price : $8 per unit

$99 IV (not including Myers Cocktail)

$100 off any major service (once per year), excluding pellets

Payment Plans

Cherry Payment Plans enable you to break large costs into smaller monthly amounts. Payment plans provide flexibility, allowing your dollar to go further. Patients with excellent credit scores often qualify for 0% APR plans, so why not pay over time and put your money to use elsewhere if you don’t have to pay interest?


Comments & Reviews

Hear from Our Guests

Julie and Jamie both take the time to listen to you and develop a plan of care to achieve your goals. They follow up and make sure everything is perfect. I will definitely be back!

Policies & Helpful Information

Ways to decrease bruising

Several different procedures have the possible side effect of bruising. If you are having one of these procedures, help decrease the risk of bruising by stopping all NSAIDS (Aleve, ibuprofen, Advil) for 7 days prior to the procedure, avoiding alcohol for 24 hours, and stopping all blood thinning products that are not prescribed by your doctor for 7 days prior to the procedure. These include supplements like fish oil, turmeric and vitamin E. There is NO NEED to stop prescribed blood thinners, including Aspirin, if this was recommended by your primary care provider.


ONYX requires a 24 hour cancellation notice. There is a $50 charge for all "no call, no show" appointments.

Inclement weather policy

We will follow the Fort Smith Public school weather policy. If Fort Smith schools are closed, we are too, unless otherwise contacted.

Hours of Operation

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Monday - Friday: 8:30 - 5:00

Contact Us

6210 Massard Road suite 103


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